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Yahoo Login

Yahoo login and Yahoo mail login both work to not only access your email but gives you the opportunity to use the other services Yahoo provides. Yahoo is not only one of the oldest search engines but a full blown news portal, entertainment hub and email system. Signing in to your email account using Yahoo is easy.

Step 1

Go to the Yahoo homepage. In the top right hand corner of the screen you will find a button labeled sign in. You are going to click this button to logon to Yahoo.

button used to sign in to yahoo

Step 2

The next page will bring you to the official sign in form. Enter the email address associated with your Yahoo account. If you want to stay logged in from your computer make sure you check the stay signed in option. After you have entered your Yahoo email address you will click next.

Enter your Yahoo email address

If the system detects you have a Yahoo account associated with your email address you will be taken to a new screen.

Step 3

Enter your Yahoo password. This is the final step to signing in to Yahoo.

Enter Yahoo password

If everything is correct you will be able to logon to Yahoo. Yahooo!!!!!

Signing In To Yahoo Using The Mobile App

The sign in process using the Yahoo app is fairly easy. If you do not have the Yahoo app installed you will need to install it. Once installed just tap on the Yahoo mail icon. Your first time launching the app you will be asked to enter your Yahoo I.D. and password. This is going to be the same as your Yahoo mail login. After you submit the correct information you will be signed in.
Sign in to Yahoo using the mobile app

Having Trouble Signing In To Yahoo?

There are multiple reasons why your Yahoo login may not be working. Make sure you typed your Yahoo email address in correctly. Also double check to make sure you entered the correct password. Passwords on Yahoo are case sensitive.

Is Yahoo Down?

If you are still having trouble using your Yahoo mail login you may want to check to see, is Yahoo down? If the website is not working and is down you will not be able to Yahoo login.

Recover Your Yahoo Login Password

If you do not remember your Yahoo password to login to Yahoo you can always recover it. On the screen where you enter your password you can find an option to reset it.

Click the link that says forgot my password. You will be taken to a new screen where you will be required to validate some information to ensure the account you are trying to access is really yours. Usually this is an alternative email address or mobile phone number.

Making Sure You Logon To The Official Yahoo Site

In order to keep your account safe and secure you should only use your Yahoo email login on the official site. The url needed to sign in to Yahoo is Make sure the url you use has the domain is the address as the primary domain.

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