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Text Now Login

Text Now login will provide you with the ability to sign in to your TextNow account to manage phone plans, billing settings and upgrades. If you need to login to your Text now account you can easily do so a few different ways.

First you need to visit the Text Now website. Once you are on the home page the top menu is going to have a few different options. You are going to look for the TextNow login button.

Textnow login

This will then bring you to a new page with the Text Now login form. Here you will have a few different options to login.

Text Now Login With Facebook

If you are signed in to Facebook, you can login to Text Now using your Facebook account. This will make things easier if you are both a Facebook user and a TextNow user.

Click on the login with Facebook button.

Text Now login with Facebook

Facebook will bring up a dialog asking if you wish to allow Text Now to access your Facebook information. Go ahead and allow access.

Sign In To TextNow Using Your Username And Password

The alternative way to sign in to your text Now account is by using your username and password. A username and password should have been set when you decided to sign up for Text Now.

In the username and password fields, enter your information. Once this is complete click the login button.

Text Now username and password

If your username and password are correct you will be signed in to your phone account. If not, there will be a error message that displays informing you of what went wrong.

During the event that your password is not working you can always reset it right from this screen as well by selecting the forgot username or password option. This will reset your Text Now login.

Text Now Resources

Overall TextNow provides great phone service at a very affordable price. If you want to learn more about their phone plans take a look at the resources below.

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