Scottrade Login

Scottrade login is a secure way to sign in to all of your investment products offered by Scottrade. Signing in to Scottrade is safe and secure. You can sign in using your web browser or the mobile app that runs on Android and iOS.

To sign in to Scottrade now follow these steps.

First you want to go to the Scottrade homepage. To be safe make sure your web browser is accessing and not any other url. Once you are on the home page look for the Scottrade customer login link. It will be located in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Scottrade customer login

Click on the customer login link. This will take you to a 2nd page displaying the login form.

customer login form

To logon to Scottrade you are going to need your account number. Enter that number and your Scottrade password. You can also select the start page if you want to change the default location that Scottrade will direct you on a successful login. Language is also an option you can change from the login form.

After everything is selected and you have entered your account number and password, click on login. If your account information is correct you will be signed in.

Scottrade Mobile Login Using The App

Scottrade mobile login can be performed 2 different ways. They have a mobile app and their website is also set up for mobile users. To get started, first download the mobile app for your device.


iOS / Apple:

Scottrade mobile runing on iphone and tablet

Install the app. Once the app is installed you want to start the application. You will be presented with a login screen where you will need to fill out the same information to sign in as you would on the desktop version.

Keeping Your Account Information Safe

Since Scottrade is a service that deals with personal finances you want to take steps to ensure your account is as safe as possible.

  1. Never give your password to anyone. Do not keep your password stored any place other than in your mind. Do not pick an easy to guess password that you use for other applications.
  2. Never logon to Scottrade from a public computer or network.
  3. Only sign in using the official app provided by Google play and iTunes.

Follow these steps and you should have a successful and hopefully profitable time with your Scottrade login.

Other Scottrade Links And Resources

Since Scottrade is a rather large and complex trading platform you may want to find further information. You can research more from the official site. There is also some great Wiki information for some interesting history.

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