login netgear router

Login Netgear Router

Login Netgear router instructions are important for accessing advanced features of your router such as WiFi passwords, MAC address and other common router functions. When using a Netgear router there are usually a couple of different ways to login to your router.

Most Common Netgear Login Router Types

In most cases, you can access your Netgear Router login by opening a web browser such as internet explorer or Firefox and typing in If this does not take you to your Netgear router login, you can also try or

If these ip addresses do no open the router login for Netgear, don’t worry we have a few more options.

The next option is to try going to http://www.routerlogin.com or http://www.routerlogin.net. If this is successful, you will be taken to the login screen.

Login Netgear Router Advanced

In the event that the previous methods of accessing your Netgear router were unsuccessful, there is an advanced method to find your router’s ip address on both Windows and Mac.

Find Your Router IP On Windows

You will need to open a command prompt first. To open a command prompt, press the windows key. This is right next to the alt key on your keyboard. Once you press that, type “cmd” and then press enter. Your command prompt instance will then start.

Now you want to type in “ipconfig” without quotes of course. The press enter. A bunch of different information will appear on your screen. What we are looking for is something called the default gateway. This is going to give you the ip address to your router.

In the example below, the default gateway on the windows machine is the standard

default gateway

In this example, we would then open a web browser and type in the address relayed back to us from ipconfig to access Netgear router login.

Find your Router IP On Mac

This same procedure can also be performed on a Mac to find the ip address of your router. Click on the apple icon, then system preferences and then network. The router address will be listed under router. Thats it!

Logging In To Your Netgear Router For The First Time

When you get your Netgear router, there is a default username and password. The username is admin and the password is simply password, all in lower case.

When you logon to your router, it is best practices to change your password!

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