Gmail Login History

Gmail Login History

You can check your gmail login history in just a few simple steps. Checking your Gmail login history can determine if in fact someone has accessed your google account. Your email history is going to have a list of ip address as well as access times and access points associated with your account. You will be able to look through the history to determine if any of the Gmail login sessions were or were not authorized by you.

Unfortunately Google does not make this process very simple. Not to mention they change it all of the time. For 2017 this will be the way to access your login history.

How To View Your Gmail Login History

To get started with your Gmail login history you first need to sign in to your Gmail account. Once you have done this and are in your Google mail inbox go to the settings menu and then to the settings menu option. See image below.

gmasil settings menu

Click on settings. Now a new list of options and tabs are going to appear. You will need to select the accounts and import tab, then go to Other Google Account Settings.

google mail account settings tabs

Now that we got all of those steps out of the way we have a few more. We will now be seeing yet a new Google page with even more options. Don’t worry, we have almost completed the steps to view your Gmail login history.

The next page will have a box to the far left that says sign in and security. Within the security box will be a link that is labeled Device activity and notifications. Next we need to select it.

google gmail sign in and securityNow a list of recently used devices will show up. To get an even longer list click on the review devices link and a new list will appear.

list of recently used devices in gmail

This list will display the operating system, location and time each device accessed your Gmail account. To get even further details, click on the device that looks suspicious.

Further details will display the browser and version the device used to gain access to your account. If anything on here is suspicious then you need to secure your account and periodically monitor your Gmail login history.

Gmail Resources

For more even more information you can access the gmail account history page by going to

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