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EMR Login: Electronic Medical Record Login

Each EMR company has a specific login page assigned to their platform. Some EMR login pages are centralized and others run independent. From time to time EMR sign in pages can change due to application changes or server requirements.

EMR login information will consists of many different values used to sign in. For example, some EMR login pages require only a standard username and password, while others may require additional information. This information can be an additional company name, practice ID or even an email address.

The information required to sign in to your electronic medical record applications will vary from provider to provider. Most of them have an additional option to reset or recover your login information in the event you have forgotten.

The following are EMR login pages for the most popular companies that provide electronic medical record software. This information is kept up to date. Scroll down to find the sign in for your EMR provider.


EHI, also known as Enable Healthcare Inc is an extremely large EMR provider. The EHI login requires users to enter a practive ID, user ID and a password to enter the EMR software.

ehi emr login
ehi emr login

If you are a user of EHI, you can find the offical EMR login by going to https://emr.ehiconnect.com/. EMI mobile login can be found by going to https://emr.ehiconnect.com/m.

EMR Link Login

EMR Link is a product of Liaison. Lisiaon offers a ton of different products across multiple different industries. Some of these industries include:

  • Healthcare
  • Chemical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences
  • Financial
  • Retail and CPG

EMR Link is one of their Healthcare products that has a separate login location from the Liaison website. The EMR Link login can be found at https://www.emr-link.com/labs/Login.aspx

emr link login
emr link login

EMR link login requires only a username and password.

If you would like more information about EMR Link and the EMR software brought to you by Liaison, you can read further at https://www.liaison.com/healthcare-data-management/solutions/integration/lab-emr-integration/for-labs/.

My eClinicalWorks Login

eClinicalWorks is a big name in the EMR industry. For years they have been providing EMR solutions.

The eClinicalworks EMR login is fast and simple. Only a username and password is required.

my eclinicalworks login
my eclinicalworks login

Every day thousands of users sign in to My eClinicalWorks and depend on their software. If you are one of them, you can use your eClinicalWorks login at https://my.eclinicalworks.com/.

AdvancedMD Login

AdvancedMD is another company that not only provides EMR and EHR software, but a whole array of medical software solutions.

AdvancedMD login will require a username, password and an office key. All of which will have been provided to you during registration.

You will also need to select the appropriate check box between PM and EHR, based on your needs.

advancedmd login
advancedmd login

To login to AdvancedMD, the official url is https://login.advancedmd.com/.

If you are not yet a client and are considering AdvancedMD EHR and EMR you may ways to read https://www.advancedmd.com/emr-ehr-software/.