GoDaddyEmailLogin: Godaddy Workspace Login

GoDaddy is probably one of the best domain registrar companies available. Their services extend past registering domains. Between web hosting, domain auctions and even SEO services, GoDaddy offers a complete resource to have your business online.

One of the most commonly used services is GoDaddy secure email. Lets face it, we all use email and use it often. GoDaddyEmailLogin can be a bit confusing at first but is truly simple once you get the hang of it.

In order to use your GoDaddyEmailLogin you will first need to visit GoDaddy and find the GoDaddy login link. It is going to be in the top right hand corner of the screen and it will be labeled sign in.

godaddy login
godaddy login

Once you click on sign in, a drop down menu will appear with multiple login options. Since we are trying to use the GoDaddyEmailLogin, the option we are seeking will be labeled as GoDaddy Webmail Login. The webmail login will be to the left hand side of the login drop down.

godaddy webmail login
godaddy webmail login

Now you are going to be taken to the GoDaddy Workspace Webmail login section. Here you are going to enter your email address at your domain.

wordspace webmail login at
godaddy wordspace login

So for example if this was in fact the domain we were trying to access. once you have entered your email address, enter your password in the next field.

Once everything is completely filled out, press sign in. If your information is correct your inbox will load where you can send and receive secure email from your GoDaddy domain.

GoDaddyEmailLogin From Your Mobile Device Using Android, iPhone or Windows

Signing in to Webmail is just as simple using your mobile device such as Iphone or Android device. Both tablets and smart phones will allow you to sign in to GoDaddy webmail.

First you need to go to This will load the mobile version of GoDaddy workspace.

You will find the same familiar form to sign in as you would in the desktop version. You are going to enter your username and password.

godaddy email login mobile
godaddy email login mobile

If you use your email often, you can also choose to stay signed in. This is useful to check your email account often with just a few taps.

That is it to your GoDaddyEmailLogin. As you can see using GoDaddy email is extremely simple.





Outlook logout

Outlook Logout

Making sure you perform an Outlook logout is important for keeping your Outlook and outlook 365 email account safe. This is especially true when accessing your Outlook email from a shared computer or mobile device. If you do not logout of Outlook it poses a huge security risk.

To logout of Outlook follow these simple steps.

Outlook Logout From Your Desktop When Using

First thing you want to do is go to your Outlook account. Once you are there, look to the top right corner of your inbox. You will see an icon or in some cases a photo you have uploaded and your name. You are going to click on your name for an options menu.

Outlook logout for

From the options menu, toward the bottom there will be a link that says sign out.

That is all there is to signing out of The sign out button is a bit hidden but easily accessible.

Outlook Logout From Your Mobile Email Account

Unfortunately you can not sign out of the Outlook mobile app. You can how ever close the app. It will be protected behind your phone login. Unless someone has access to your phone, they will not be able to access your email.

The other option is to remove your actual Outlook account from your phone. If you want to remove your outlook account but keep the outlook app for Android you can do so by using tap and hold on the account you wish to remove. Wait for the options associated with the account to appear. Tap on remove account.

The process is just as easy iOS. You can Outlook logout by going to your mail app, accounts, then remove the account you have associated with your mail.

Outlook Logout Using The Windows App

The last and final way to sign out of Outlook is if you are on Windows and using the mail app. This will cover Windows 10.

In Microsoft Windows 10 it can seem like you are stuck staying signed in until you close the app. That is not the case at all, you just have to know where to look. Sometimes you want to keep the app running to manage multiple accounts, but for different reasons you need to sign in and logout.

You can easily sign out of Outlook in the Windows app. It only takes 3 simple steps.

Step 1. While the app is running, go to file in the top menu.

sign out of outlook on windows step 1

Once selected, click and a new menu will appear. Go to the option that says office account.

sign out of outlook on windows step 2

Once you click this, to the right will be numerous different options. Just look for the sign out link.

sign out of outlook on windows step 3After you click sign out, you will have successfully logged out of Outlook! Resources

To learn more about or to visit the official site follow the resources below.

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Gmail Login History

Gmail Login History

You can check your gmail login history in just a few simple steps. Checking your Gmail login history can determine if in fact someone has accessed your google account. Your email history is going to have a list of ip address as well as access times and access points associated with your account. You will be able to look through the history to determine if any of the Gmail login sessions were or were not authorized by you.

Unfortunately Google does not make this process very simple. Not to mention they change it all of the time. For 2017 this will be the way to access your login history.

How To View Your Gmail Login History

To get started with your Gmail login history you first need to sign in to your Gmail account. Once you have done this and are in your Google mail inbox go to the settings menu and then to the settings menu option. See image below.

gmasil settings menu

Click on settings. Now a new list of options and tabs are going to appear. You will need to select the accounts and import tab, then go to Other Google Account Settings.

google mail account settings tabs

Now that we got all of those steps out of the way we have a few more. We will now be seeing yet a new Google page with even more options. Don’t worry, we have almost completed the steps to view your Gmail login history.

The next page will have a box to the far left that says sign in and security. Within the security box will be a link that is labeled Device activity and notifications. Next we need to select it.

google gmail sign in and securityNow a list of recently used devices will show up. To get an even longer list click on the review devices link and a new list will appear.

list of recently used devices in gmail

This list will display the operating system, location and time each device accessed your Gmail account. To get even further details, click on the device that looks suspicious.

Further details will display the browser and version the device used to gain access to your account. If anything on here is suspicious then you need to secure your account and periodically monitor your Gmail login history.

Gmail Resources

For more even more information you can access the gmail account history page by going to

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yahoo login

Yahoo Login

Yahoo login and Yahoo mail login both work to not only access your email but gives you the opportunity to use the other services Yahoo provides. Yahoo is not only one of the oldest search engines but a full blown news portal, entertainment hub and email system. Signing in to your email account using Yahoo is easy.

Step 1

Go to the Yahoo homepage. In the top right hand corner of the screen you will find a button labeled sign in. You are going to click this button to logon to Yahoo.

button used to sign in to yahoo

Step 2

The next page will bring you to the official sign in form. Enter the email address associated with your Yahoo account. If you want to stay logged in from your computer make sure you check the stay signed in option. After you have entered your Yahoo email address you will click next.

Enter your Yahoo email address

If the system detects you have a Yahoo account associated with your email address you will be taken to a new screen.

Step 3

Enter your Yahoo password. This is the final step to signing in to Yahoo.

Enter Yahoo password

If everything is correct you will be able to logon to Yahoo. Yahooo!!!!!

Signing In To Yahoo Using The Mobile App

The sign in process using the Yahoo app is fairly easy. If you do not have the Yahoo app installed you will need to install it. Once installed just tap on the Yahoo mail icon. Your first time launching the app you will be asked to enter your Yahoo I.D. and password. This is going to be the same as your Yahoo mail login. After you submit the correct information you will be signed in.
Sign in to Yahoo using the mobile app

Having Trouble Signing In To Yahoo?

There are multiple reasons why your Yahoo login may not be working. Make sure you typed your Yahoo email address in correctly. Also double check to make sure you entered the correct password. Passwords on Yahoo are case sensitive.

Is Yahoo Down?

If you are still having trouble using your Yahoo mail login you may want to check to see, is Yahoo down? If the website is not working and is down you will not be able to Yahoo login.

Recover Your Yahoo Login Password

If you do not remember your Yahoo password to login to Yahoo you can always recover it. On the screen where you enter your password you can find an option to reset it.

Click the link that says forgot my password. You will be taken to a new screen where you will be required to validate some information to ensure the account you are trying to access is really yours. Usually this is an alternative email address or mobile phone number.

Making Sure You Logon To The Official Yahoo Site

In order to keep your account safe and secure you should only use your Yahoo email login on the official site. The url needed to sign in to Yahoo is Make sure the url you use has the domain is the address as the primary domain.

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